Rail Accident & Derailment Cleanup Services

Our Emergency Response Teams are experts in handling rail spill emergencies and train derailment, protecting the public from potentially hazardous situation, by removing harmful materials from the environment and rapidly return the railways to service.

We can also take a lead role in the cleanup and remediation of many incidents and help resume the flow of goods as quickly as possible.

Rail Derailment Cleanup

Trust us to get things moving again.

Canada’s railways transport massive volumes of the essential building blocks that fuel our economy - coal, chemicals, fertilizer and grain. Maintaining a steady flow of goods is critical, as any stoppage costs millions – or even billions – of dollars.

We are thoroughly familiar with the rapid response requirements necessary for keeping railway tracks clear and are experienced in emergency/hazmat responses to railway incidents. We are ready to respond on a 24/7 basis to assist in clearing railways tracks, scrapping and removing damaged rail cars and ensuring any materials spilled are safely and thoroughly dealt with.

Although rail is the safest mode of transportation for hazardous materials, when train-related incidents occur they are often complicated by the large amounts and the variety of materials which can potentially interact with each other in a dangerous manner.

Our experienced staff is able to safely and effectively manage all aspects of the initial response and subsequent asset recovery, including:

  • Emergency spill and hazmat response
  • Licensed transportation services
  • Railroad emergency response services
  • Scrap metal bin services
  • Scrap metal processing
  • Site remediation
  • Waste bulking and packaging
  • Waste characterization and identification
  • Waste container services
  • Waste manifesting, tracking and reporting
  • Waste transportation and disposal services

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You can trust our environmental cleanup services for rail, truck and industrial accidents.

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